"Velebit bora"

About the painting

Acrylic on canvas

How would I feel if I were that pine?

To endure the storm while standing there leaning against the side of the road.
And merely exist.
On my route to Rujno, I frequently passed by this pine.
He constantly greeted me with a stern smile, firmly rooted to the Velebit rock.
A genuine Velebit landmark. a symbol of existence, documenting the Velebit storm.

A symbol of endurance. a memorial to the inner fortitude that we often overlook while relaxing on cozy sofas.

Have you ever experienced your entire body being cleansed by a Velebit bora?

How it awakens that inner strength within you… how it clarifies and gives purpose to life…

120 cm x 100 cm
1000 eur

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