"The Path (to yourself)"

About the painting

Acrylic on canvas

It has been a year since I last strolled past these two little pine trees along the path in Velebit.
The sun was still overhead as it gilded the gray stones painted with purple shadows and the wet golden grass that poked through the damp red earth on the slopes of Libinje.
I carried joy, tranquility, and calm with me. With a two-day dose of Velebit in my heart, I walked home satisfied.
And right now, I can immerse myself in that emotion and live it in the present by using this image as a time machine from my past.
How do our memories affect us emotionally and how do they conjure up images in our minds?

How does artwork prick our emotions and trigger memories?
How far can we go inside ourselves by viewing a piece of art or hearing music?
Which aspect of the soul gets awakened, and with which aspect of ourselves do we connect?

I get a deep tickling of the heart when I see inspirational art, followed by a rush of energy and motivation for life.
But not life on autopilot, but life lived to the fullest. The soul’s life.
Inspiration for further creation.
to inhale.
The ideal being.
To love.

120 cm x 100 cm

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