"Rain forest at dusk"

About the painting

Acrylic on canvas

On a soggy day in the winter, I visited Tatek’s cabin. Since I stepped out of the car, it had been raining, which had given the trees a moist sheen and removed their brownish-gray tone.
Have you ever noticed how the bark of trees takes on a certain black tone when it is wet from rain?

As the drops fell down the hood of my green jacket, I stuffed my dripping fingers into the pockets of my jacket to keep them warm.
There was a rhythm to everything.
And its tranquillity.
And those icy washes soothed me. Those cold raindrops, too. And the sound of rain that I’m familiar with hearing.

I have to admit that, when you are in nature, the sound of the rain is one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear since it has so many little “keys” to play on, such as every stone, leaf, and branch.

But then the music stopped and I turned toward the sea.
The splendor of the setting sun lightened the gloomy surroundings, enlightening me.
Gold. All around me is gold.
Darkness follows. And silence.
There is no longer any rain or sunlight. Nothing but frozen fingers and gold in my soul.

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150cm x 100 cm
1500 eur

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