"Magical forest"

About the painting

Acrylic on canvas

It was autumn. Or early winter.

My legs were light and my backpack on my back was heavy.

I was moving in the direction of Ivine Vodice’s mountain shelter.
I wanted to be there before it got dark.

The heart took over while the head shut down.
Even though I was on a route I knew about, I didn’t take it for granted.

Being present in nature comes naturally to me.
Present with the present moment, with the forest, earth, grass, leaves, and stones beneath her feet, with the sky above me, the fragrant air all around me, and within me.
Without considering what occurred yesterday or what will occur tomorrow.
Being grateful for everything that is right now.

The setting sun enchanted everything around me and in me. I also paused as that magical light quietly led me to some other dimensions. Dimensions of new colors, new shapes and spaces.
For a moment.
Until I felt the cold breeze and took a step. Stepped into this world again.

100cm x 70cm
700 eur

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