"Autmn darkness"

About the painting

Acrylic on canvas

The early autumnal darkness swiftly engulfs us. We are all still going through some of our routines—we go home from work, pick up the kids from daycare and school, go shopping before we get home—when we suddenly realize that it is getting dark.

It hugs us from all sides and takes us into itself, into the wonderful smell of rotting leaves, into dampness, into the hints of winter, into roasted chestnuts. The fall darkness is also warm, dense, fragrant, and sticky.

He encircles me and gently presses me on all sides, which I can feel.
Yes, the darkness like being hugged. Darkness that encourages us to examine and embrace the “darkness” we each possess. Let’s accept him, give him room, and thank him for coming.

That nighttime gloom on Velebit was spotted with heavy fogdrops. a mist that covers you from head to toe, drenches your hair and nose, and does all of that.

That evening in Velebit, next to Tatek’s cottage, a calm black dog walked by me while the mist glistened on his fur. My heart embraced freedom and serenity as I followed him with my eyes and my thoughts toward the sea.

120 cm x 100 cm
not for sale

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