Velebit bora

Acrylic on canvas How would I feel if I were that pine? To endure the storm while standing there leaning against the side of the road.And merely exist.On my route to Rujno, I frequently passed by this pine.He constantly greeted me with a stern smile, firmly rooted to the Velebit rock.A genuine Velebit landmark. a […]

Black pine tree

Acrylic on canvas You will come upon this lovely pair of black pines as you head out of Rujna in the direction of Struga. They are visible once you have reached the saddle and the valley widens in front of you toward the Velika Paklenica canyon. They persist in waiting.They are brushed by the storm […]

Velebit dwarf

Acrylic on canvas You don’t think gnomes exist.And the dwarves of Velebit?In the roots that bury themselves under your feet to tickle you, in the branches that rip off your hat, in the leaves that whirl crazily in the wind—which isn’t there—in those gnarled, odd, and many shapes that lurk in the trees… So, here’s […]

What is there in the woods

Combined technique on canvas The peace of the forest is what draws me back time and time again; all those calm, grounded trees standing there, breathing and watching, hugging the earth and caressing the sky; their calm, strength, and wisdom. It’s as if they’ve always been there, and they know everything about themselves, about me, […]

What are you staring at?

Acrylic on canvas Do you ever have the impression that the trees are keeping an eye on you? I have. And most frequently, I search for the “culprit” who is staring at me. And as soon as I arrived in the glade on Rujno, I started staring at this oak. I noticed its originality and […]

White rocks

Acryllic on canvas This artwork marks the beginning of the return.The beginning of the artist’s comeback to art work.The beginning of listening to my inner voice and being given permission to get back to creating and the soul’s journey and to give myself permission and let go.After the summer rock-jumping tour on the White and […]

Memory of Velebit

Combined technique on canvas The memory of Velebit and the warm autumn day when the sky’s blueness was so powerful that it penetrated the rocks and melted the mountains,…it lingered everywhere.Even in my head.Into my body.Into my Being.Everything became a vibration – dissolving and creating before my eyes.And in me.Until I sat down on a […]


Acrylic on canvas Moon above Velebit.White rocks make up the landscape.stones as well.Perhaps they’re moon rocks? The sweet scent of pine trees fills the skies.The bora’s force infuses the pine trees.Can bora blow on the moon?


Acrylic on canvas It blew up that day near Stapina…and cleared the sky to the most gorgeous hue of blue imaginable.Cloud fragments tore apart their whiteness as they gradually descended into nothingness.Before the arrival of autumn’s colors, late summer was barely noticeable.The shadows in front of my eyes suddenly altered to a deep blue color.I […]

Winter sun

Combined technique on canvas My mind travels through memory strips to a snow-covered, beautiful winter day. As I stand there, I can hear the snow crunching beneath me.Every limb and dry leaf are bathed in crystalline light as the winter sun rises above the mountain. Such wonderful intricacies, stimulation, and beauty! How could it be […]

The Path (to yourself)

Acrylic on canvas It has been a year since I last strolled past these two little pine trees along the path in Velebit.The sun was still overhead as it gilded the gray stones painted with purple shadows and the wet golden grass that poked through the damp red earth on the slopes of Libinje.I carried […]

Fairy forest

Acrylic on canvas You immediately notice how soft, silky, and supple the grass and the air are as soon as you approach the fairy forest areas. The trees are well-kept and gracefully dance as they ascend to the sky. The light is purple-hued, and the herbs have a strong sweet aroma. Stop and allow the […]

Rain forest at dusk

Acrylic on canvas On a soggy day in the winter, I visited Tatek’s cabin. Since I stepped out of the car, it had been raining, which had given the trees a moist sheen and removed their brownish-gray tone.Have you ever noticed how the bark of trees takes on a certain black tone when it is […]

Autmn darkness

Acrylic on canvas The early autumnal darkness swiftly engulfs us. We are all still going through some of our routines—we go home from work, pick up the kids from daycare and school, go shopping before we get home—when we suddenly realize that it is getting dark. It hugs us from all sides and takes us […]

Sveto brdo and me

Combined technique on canvas The person in this painting is me. Me on Velebit’s Sveto Brdo, jumping of happiness.Why?I suppose it’s because I always jump of excitement on Velebit. And no matter how much weight is on my back, whether it’s sunny or pouring, or how much energy I have, I squeal, shout, leap, and […]

The feeling of the Velebit sun

Acrylic on canvas I melted while laying on the soft, dry grass of the Velebit glade under the late summer sun. And mountains turned into clouds, and clouds turned into mountains.Perhaps things have always been that way. Emotions arose from my memories. And feelings turned into memories.Perhaps things have always been that way. My ideas […]

The path to Vagan peak

Watercolor and ink on paper The Velebit pass was under a dark sky that gave the warm summer day an unique appeal.

Pick yourself up

Ink and watercolor on paper Nothing’s impossible I have found,For when my chin is on the ground,I pick myself up,Dust myself off,Start all over again. Don’t lose your confidence if you slip,Be grateful for a pleasant trip,And pick yourself up,Dust yourself off,Start all over again. The painting was painted after a big fire on Velebit.

Magical forest

Acrylic on canvas It was autumn. Or early winter. My legs were light and my backpack on my back was heavy. I was moving in the direction of Ivine Vodice’s mountain shelter.I wanted to be there before it got dark. The heart took over while the head shut down.Even though I was on a route […]


Acrylic on paper

Wild horses of Velebit

Combined technique on canvas Meeting them in the wild is a privilege. These amazing creatures possessed both the independence and abrasiveness of the Velebit environment.The Velebit horse race perfectly encapsulates freedom and strength.Their vibrant imprint exudes from the image and gives the spectator a sense of freedom despite the lack of description and details. When […]


Acrylic on paper

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