Olive trees

On the loose, reddish-brown soil interspersed with white clumps of irregular stones and dry stone walls, gnarled olive trunks grow. In some places they branch out in a circle movement and intertwine in the structures of dense, greenish-bluish crowns. Solid and staunch, on the edges of fields and vineyards, olive trees in painting strokes reflect the color of the surroundings, the flickering heat of the midday sun, the heat that scorches the sparse land and the turquoise-gray clouds of the sky before the storm. From their bodies radiates the impression of antiquity: among the stones they bend in the storms, resist the weather in different seasons, drought-resistant they look forward to mild winters and long, dry summers. Fertile and useful, and self-sufficient, they were an inspiration to poets and painters, and according to myths, they also served some Greek heroes, who made weapons for combat from their wood.
From the foreword to the exhibition “Olives and People” by Krešimira Gojanović, 2022

Olive trees – watercolor

Olive trees – acrylic