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It’s in Velebit that I feel at home. My senses brighten up, my spirit begins to dance there, and my heart is filled with joy. I am walking down the trails that have been traveled by many people before me, carefully choosing my steps among the dry, jagged grass and the melting snow. They then vanish. But they live on in me. Forever. Fragrant air full of therapeutic mountain herbs fills my lungs as my body walks and absorbs the vibration of nature, carried by a special energy. For me, every rock, tree, and even each little blade of grass contains a tale that I wish to depict in my artwork. Velebit is an endless source of inspiration for me, and I always return to him, both physically and in my paintings, invoking his freedom and wildness within me.


White rocks

120 cm x 100 cm

Memory of Velebit

120 cm x 100 cm


140cm x 120 cm


140 cm x 120 cm

Winter sun

120 cm x 100 cm

The Path (to yourself)

120 cm x 100 cm

Fairy forest

100 cm x 70 cm

Rain forest at dusk

150cm x 100 cm

Autmn darkness

120 cm x 100 cm

Sveto brdo and me

120 cm x 100 cm

The feeling of the Velebit sun

100cm x 150 cm

One summer. One and only Velebit

50 cm x 60 cm

The path to Vagan peak

70cm x 50cm

Pick yourself up

70cm x 50cm

Magical forest

100cm x 70cm

The paths of Velebit

50cm x 40cm

Wild horses of Velebit

120cm x 200cm


70cm x 50cm

Wild horses of Velebit

70cm x 50cm

On the way to Struge

70cm x 50cm


70cm x 50cm

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