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Because its roots delve deep into the earth and its branches stretch high into the sky, the tree is a symbol of the world’s center and the connection between heaven and earth in many myths. In my opinion, trees, particularly in cities, are holders of nature. My interactions with trees serve as a “shortcut” to nature and are always significant to me. They appear to me as distinct individuals with unique vibrations and characteristics. Their austere demeanor fascinates me. They have always attracted my admiration and inspiration because of their grace and beauty as well as their spirituality. The lives of trees and people have long been intertwined. Trees stood for the hierophany, the expression of cosmic creative powers, the interconnectedness of all life, and the manifestation of the sacred. Man has long coexisted closely with trees, and he formerly held them responsible for his survival. Additionally, he observed the world’s beginning in it. Trees served as a vehicle for the expression of universal cosmic principles; they symbolized the holy, the divine, and the power of life.


Velebit bora

120 cm x 100 cm

Black pine tree

120 cm x 100 cm

Velebit dwarf

140 cm x 120 cm

What is there in the woods

140 cm x 120 cm

I don’t want expectations, I want to be bora

150 cm x 100 cm

What are you staring at?

100 cm x 70 cm

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