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Gnarled olive trunks grow on the loose, reddish-brown soil intermingled with white clumps of uneven stones and dry stone walls. They sometimes branch out in a circular motion and entwine inside the framework of dense, greenish-blue crowns. Olive trees are depicted in paintings as sturdy and steadfast trees that stand on the boundaries of fields and vineyards and reflect the surrounding color, the flickering heat of the midday sun, the heat that scorches the scant land, and the turquoise-gray clouds in the sky before the storm. The impression of antiquity emanates from their bodies: among the stones, they bend in the storms, resist the weather in different seasons, drought-resistant, they anticipate mild winters and long, dry summers. They were an inspiration to poets and painters, and according to legends, they also served some Greek heroes, who crafted weapons for warfare out of their wood. from Krešimira Gojanović’s foreword to the exhibition “Olive trees and People,” 2022


The earth is burning

100cm x 120cm


100cm x 70cm

In the olive harvest

80cm x 60cm

View through olive tree

120cm x 100cm


100cm x 70cm


100cm x 70cm

Oliv tree

50cm x 40cm


100cm x 70cm


100cm x 70cm

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